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Dust Emissions & Site Management – A Common Sense Task Force


Based on requests from several CALM Initiative members a focused team of Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs), Engineers and Project Superintendents will develop a list of best management practices (BMPs) currently being used on ash basin closure and CCR landfill sites.  Focus will be on visual identification of dust conditions, consideration of new technology, prevention of potential problems, and how to address changing conditions.  Contact Chris Hardin, at chardin@energyenviro.org for call in numbers, dates, goals and objectives.

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CCR Encapsulation and Paste Technology Task Force


Focused on use and application of various additives, pumping and conveyance systems to create encapsulated CCRs, and applications for paste technology.    This is a recently formed Task Force that will bridge the gap between bench scale studies and large, pilot scale demonstration project.   A subgroup may include review of the EPA CCR Encapsulation methodology with Chris Hardin and other CALM members experienced with the EPA Leachability Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF) methods.    Meetings and calls, once per month and more frequently to address project needs.   Contact Ric Traver at rictraver@gmail.com to provide input, call in numbers, goals and objectives.

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9319 Robert D Snyder Road
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Phone: 704.687.0948

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