Project Description

Addressing these schedules for ash basin closure presented in the Federal CCR Rule presents unique challenges with obtaining accurate geotechnical information and accessing remote sections of project sites prior to the start of construction.   To address these challenges, the authors have modified a wide variety of amphibious equipment to receive state of the art in-situ testing and sampling equipment.  The combination results in specialized sampling rigs that can efficiently access challenging saturated ash basins to obtain high-quality in-situ geotechnical information. 

The leaders of the CALM Initiative and its member have developed unique equipment that offers the following:

  • Amphibious equipment to safely access remote areas of partially saturated ash basins for in-situ testing, surveys, and a wide variety of pre-construction testing.
  • Utilization of the cone penetrometer (CPT), flat blade dilatometer (DMT), Van Den Berg vane shear device, and in-situ seismic shear wave testing for design and pre-construction monitoring.
  • Work Plans that include the use of stand-by amphibious support vehicles to eliminate the need for access roads to significantly decreases the cost of subsurface investigations.